PEOCIT has developed a unique Monitoring and Evaluation System which can be used by NGOs, Donors and various Funding organisation. It helps to effectively use resources against the laid out objectives in various social and development projects and allocate actual financial

entries to tasks within a project and monitor budget vs. actuals.

Key benefits of Project Monitoring and Evaluation System:
  • Increasing efficiency of project planning by breaking it into tasks
  • Capturing of project proposals and initiation documents for reference
  • Ensuring project timeliness by configuring timelines for each task and allocating resources to each task
  • Integrating with financial management to update on budget and actuals in real time
  • Capturing task / activity output and comparing with target thus providing updates on the progress of implementation at any given time
  • Producing timely and accurate reports of the project
  • Providing web and mobile based access enabling mobile project staff and external stakeholders to monitor the project progress and update task details
  • Publishing of project status reports specific to Donor requirements with the help of MS Office Word and Excel integration